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Here is how to order any of our healthy ViSalus product individually, and with out auto ship. So you have the opportunity to just try our products with no strings attached. However, keep in mind that kits with auto ship will save you money off the individual retail price without autoship on.

 To order individual ViSalus products: 

1. Click the "Join the Challenge" button below.

2. Fill in your name and Email in the form, Then fallow the link you are sent.
3. Select your country/language.
4. Select “None” in the Challenge Kit selection box.
5. Click “Show Additional Products.”
6. Select the products you want to order by clicking the “Add to Today’s Order” box.
7. When filling out your information on the next screen, bypass the autoship date select section. You’ll need to select a username and password for your account, but you will not be on an autoship.

Join the Challenge

If you need any help, we more than happy to assist you and answer any questions! Contact Us