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Fit Kit  

$299.00/month + applicable tax & shipping

(All Canadian customers get Pro instead of Neuro!)


The Fit kit includes 2 bags of Vi-Shape shakes which is 2 shakes a day 60 serevings of Vi shake , you can either use as a meal replacement or after your workout (30 minutes after your workout). You also get 30 nutri cookies (10 of each flavour chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter) this is for a healthy snack! You will also get 30 serving each of our Visalus GO and our PRO. These drinks can be taken before and during a workout to help with stamina and endurance and will also support your muscles to recover allot faster!!!

This kit is used For athletes or anyone that leads a healthy active lifestyle. Anyone that is working out (Athletes) , to build lean muscle, or just for great overall nutrition in your lifestyle.


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