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Full Overview of ViSalus® Body by vi Products!


We are known as the 90 day Challenge or Bodybyvi


We are owned by Blyth Industries, which is a 30 year old company, With over 1 billion dollars of revenue globally every year!


Our Products



Vi-Shape ShakeVi-Shape Shake:


*NON GMO SOY protein isolate for heart health, and the isoflavone’s are removed so it does not promote estrogen activity!!

*Tri sorb protein which means it is made from a soy protein and 2 different whey proteins for optimal use. The whey isolate is for fast long lasting hunger control, the Whey Hydrosolate helps build lean muscle.

* Lactose free, Gluten free,  Diabetic friendly (less than 1 gram of sugar), Heart Smart( 0 saturated fats)

*Kosher certified

*23 vitamins and nutrients( to get the equivalent of what we put in one of our shakes you would have to eat 8,674 calories with food for the nutrient value that is in 1 of our shakes.

*5 grams of fiber (most protein shakes do not have fibre, this makes you regular)

* ONLY 90 calories!!! The powder

*30% of our daily intake of protein, vitamins, nutrients and fibre

*maintains lean muscle, while helping you burn fat

*boosts your metabolism

*controls hunger

*supports heart, digestive and bone health

*improves concentration

* You can use this product any way you can have it as a shake in milk, water juice, fresh or frozen fruit, with our nutritional flavors, on oatmeal, mixed in other foods, bake or cook with it the possibilities are endless!!! Best part is it tastes like MELTED ICE CREAM!!!! MMMM now who does not like that!!! Because this product has no metabolism boosters in it and it does not affect estrogen it is good for ANYBODY: men, women, children, pregnant, breast feeding mothers, elderly!!!!



This product is more than just a weight loss tool!!



*you can build lean muscle with it! Body builders are using as a meal and after every workout! Protein helps repair sore muscles quickly and promotes new lean muscle.

* use it as a nutritional supplement to add those vitamins ,nutrients, protein and fibre  to your diet that we are all missing out on!! Top up your meal.

* helps weight loss- use it as a meal replacement depending on how much weight you have to lose and the time frame you want to lose it in; use it as your breakfast and lunch, whatever you feel comfortable doing. This is counted as 4 points on the weight watchers diet (A snack).

*helps people gain weight- how the opposite? Don’t substitute it with a meal ADD it to your meals for the extra calories and all the nutrition!!!



Nutritional Flavors



* Strawberry Phyto Power : Packed with 50 strawberries worth of phytonutrients, helps with those flus going around.

* Banana Energy Charge : boosts your energy, gives you that extra boost you need to your day if you have a hard time getting motivated in the mornings.

*Peach : Promotes healthy joints and vibrant skin.

*Orange: Supports healthy immune function; this is your daily intake of vitamin C.

*Chocolate: This has the nutritional value of 6-8 dark chocolate bars to help promote a healthy heart!!!


All these flavors you can mix into your shake, either by themselves or with fresh fruit, frozen fruit or however you like; add them to our healthy energy drinks for the nutritional gain; there is no wrong way of having this product.






This is a metabolism booster; it helps you burn fat naturally. It will not increase your heart rate but your metabolism, with each pill you will burn an extra 85-125 calories you can take up to 4 pills per day!!! There is no harsh caffeine, or stimulants in this product!!!!







VI TRIMThis is flavorless, colorless and odorless; it helps to take control of your hunger leaving you feeling fuller longer. It has natural fat burners and also mood enhancers that reduce the anxiety of dieting!!! You can mix this product in your shakes for breakfast or lunch, in your water, soup or other beverage, however you like to take it. If you have a hard time in the afternoon feeling hungry and the little snack you had was not enough, mix it in your favorite beverage to leave you feeling full until supper!!! Use it whenever you have those difficult moments!!!






This has 4 amazing products in it.

Multi mineral and vitamin (adds those extra nutrients to your day).

Anti aging and energy (helps slow the cell aging at a microchondrial level).

Omega vitals (fish oils).

Supercharged antioxidant (26 antioxidants)(defense against free radical attacks).

This VI PAK is Chelated: for faster and better absorption; this means within 30 minutes of taking this product it starts breaking down in your stomach acids and starts to go to work.

We are also rated a 4.5 out of 5 on the vitamin scale, which means that when you take our vitamins you actually absorb 90% of our vitamins in your system. The other 10% goes out in waste.

This product is amazing for those people with underlying health conditions.






The energy drink market is a $3 billion dollar market across the world today and only growing because of the fast lifestyle we choose to live. We live in a world of high demands on our bodies and our brains. We get less sleep than we used to. Everybody needs extra energy!!

This is a healthy energy drink, it opens up the neurons in your brain; they have discovered that feeding your brain the right nutrients and other substances can expand its power, alter mood and even reduce vulnerability to brain damage and neurological diseases. When we receove the right nutrients and the right supplements to improve the structure of our brain cells, our communication centers are transmitted more quickly and clearly. Better mental clarity!!!

There are two amazing flavors: LEMON LIFT AND RASPBERRY BOOST

This product contains:

*DMAE(which is a natural brain food found in sardines and fish).

*Rhodiola which is a plant extract Russian athletes have been using for 30 years for stamina and endurance.

NeuroAlso is has been used for years as a traditional herb in eastern Europe and Asian medicines known to eliminate exhaustion and combat stress.

*Green Tea: this provides increased energy and other well documented health benefits.

*Arginine- a natural amino acid that helps blood vessel health and supports oxygen transfer.

*B vitamins- support your body’s natural energy.

*Vitamin C- a powerful antioxidant to support your body’s defense system  when you are tired.

*less than 1 gram of sugar.

*it does contain equivalent to a ¼ cup of caffeine or 45 mg.

Why I love this product is if you have kids in sports, they can use it and there is no sugar high from the product and also the sodium content is low and there are no harsh dyes in the product so it is great kids in sports. NO MORE GATORADE!!! This product gives them the mental clarity without the sugar high. I have seen kids perform better at their activities and even at school, it holds their attention longer and helps with the mental fog while writing exams.

Many energy drinks use high levels of caffeine and sugar that can cause you to feel jittery. ViSalus NEURO uses patent-pending energy blend ingredients to provide healthy “smart energy” giving you the extra edge you need throughout the entire day.



ViSalus GO

ViSalus Go™INSTANT ENERGY  It is Ideal for all types of active lifestyles( from the sporting industry or just needing more energy) , this drink has special nutrients in it to help your body at your at your highest speed . It also will help support visual acuity and will have energy that will last!  YOu can drink this either by opening it up and drinking it, or if you like you can mix it with water or your favorite beverage. 15 bottles per box, of a grape-berry flavored drink.

ViSalus™ GO Comparison

ViSalus™ GO fact sheet


ViSalus Pro

ViSalus Pro™PROLONGED ENERGYFuel your day with long lasting energy. This drink is a dry powder and can be added  to water, or any other  beverage to provide power packed energy. It is great for people who are active on the job, or have a very active lifestyle to perform at their best, or anyone who just needs a boost of healthy energy!  Can be taken before, or during a work out for lasting power, or just for extra energy!! 15 packets per box, Passionfruit Punch flavor.


ViSalus™ Pro Comparison

ViSalus™ Pro fact sheet





Mini-meal replacement. This is more than just an ordinary protein snack; it is packed with nutrition to help support a healthy immune system, a healthy digestive system, a healthy heart, while fueling your body with energizing protein, fiber, calcium and more. To get the same nutrition as in a Nutra Cookie, you would have to eat 1/3 cup of blueberries, 1/3 cup of brussels sprouts, ½ cup red grapes, 1 pound of shitake mushrooms, 1/8 cup of whole wheat flour, 8 prunes, 3 egg whites and a ½ cup of milk. This cookie is only 150 calories. You can use this with your shake at lunch or a snack and throughout the day to recharge your system. They taste great and they come in peanut butter flavor, oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip!!!! You can even blend it into your shake!!!


We have had amazing results on the product:

* I, Annette Saccucci have lost 65lb over the past year on the product, and about.

* Rick Saccucci has lost 103lb in the same time on the product (we take everything).


People who are on this shake


Hulk Hogan

Vince Taylor (Mr. Olympia)

Mark Lehr (NHL hockey player)

Ryan Jenson (UFC)

Jenny Lynn (women’s body builder)

Mathew Britt (personal trainer)


Personal trainers all over Saskatchewan, fitness enthusiast

There is a personal trainer in Edmonton and he trains all the sports people on their off seasons and he promotes Visalus.

There are also gyms on the product as well promoting the Bodybyvi or the 90 day challenge


These products are amazing and people are seeing amazing results.

We offer the Five kits, as well as you can order any other products of your choice as well.



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