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All New Canadian Vi-Shake

New Canadian shake

The new Canadian shake is here, all canadian orders will have the new canadian vi-shake with new packaging and new formulation... see fact sheet below for more info.

New Canadian VI-Shape™ Shake: Fact Sheet




 Amarican VI-Shape™ Shack.

VI Shape - Shack


 VI-Shape™ Shake FAQ


       Facts sheet


   Comparison chartVI-Pack


VI-Pack™ FAQ

Fact sheet 


Nuero water


Note: (Canadian customers can not get Neuro)

Neuro fact sheet

Neuro™ comparison chart

  VI Slim


VI Slim FAQ 

VI Slim™ fact sheet



Visalus Pro

ViSalus Go™INSTANT ENERGY It is Ideal for all types of active lifestyles( from the sporting industry or just needing more energy) , this drink has special nutrients in it to help your body at your at your highest speed . It also will help support visual acuity and will have energy that will last! YOu canNew drink this either by opening it up and drinking it, or if you like you can mix it with water or your favorite beverage. 15 bottles per box, of a grape-berry flavored drink.

ViSalus™ GO Comparison

ViSalus™ GO fact sheet

 ViSalus Pro

 ViSalus Pro™PROLONGED ENERGYFuel your day with long lasting energy. This drink is a dry powder and can be added to water, or any other beverage to provide power packed energy. It Newis great for people who are active on the job, or have a very active lifestyle to perform at their best, or anyone who just needs a boost of healthy energy! Can be taken before, or during a work out for lasting power, or just for extra energy!! 15 packets per box, Passionfruit Punch flavor.

ViSalus™ Pro Comparison

ViSalus™ Pro fact sheet



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